Milk: Pasteurized Cow

Type: Washed Rind

Producer: Ciresa

Region: Italy

Pairings: Robust reds like Barbera, Barley Wine, Belgian Triples, Charcuterie

Only being a 14 oz. wheel, this mini Taleggio is much easier to use from a foodservice standpoint. It highlights those sweet cream and tangy flavors, with a silky, lush texture that coats your mouth. On a scale from 1 to 10 on a Taleggio flavor scale, this hits right in the middle. The younger it is, the more mild it is. As it ages, it starts creeping up that scale to more of a flavor bomb than the delicate expression of its younger self.  It isn’t too earthy and musty, yet its complex, beefy flavors leave you wanting more. Think dry aged beef, garlic, and umami.