Origin: Israel

Grades: Gold, Amber, & Black

Sizes: 1 oz/28.5g, 4 oz/113g, 9 oz/255g, 17.6 oz/500g

Karat Caviar excels in attaining three important standards that influence grading caviar:

  • Species: genuine caviar comes from only sturgeon. There are many types of sturgeon, but the preferred, best-known caviar producers are the Osetra.
  • Water quality: sturgeon that mature in clean, pure water produce the best caviar. Karat Osetra sturgeon are raised in a meticulous breeding environment that replicates and improves the sturgeons’ natural environment, featuring pure, oxygen-rich water from the Dan River Spring—producing a natural effect.
  • Taste: Clean oceanic taste with a buttery finish.