Also known as Kurobuta pork in Japan. Heritage pork is one of our favorite brands that we carry. You can not find a better pork. 

Origin: Iowa

Available Specs: Short Ribs, 8 Bone Loin Rack, Jowl Steak, Front Shank, BNLS Shoulder Butt, Single Rib Belly, Secreto, BNLS Collar Butt, Tenderloin, Nitrate Free Bacon, Nitrate Free Smoked Ham

  • 100% Berkshire
  • Natural Pork - Minimally Processed, no artificial ingredients.
  • Shorter muscle fiber so it is more tender.
  • Extraordinary intramuscular marbling (more good fat & flavor)
  • Lower melting point of fat (less cloying)
  • Red muscle color from iron (richer more intense flavor)
  • Exported to Japan (indication of its quality)
  • Genetics are from Iowa state. Contains over 30 years of research and an extensive bloodline of sows and boars which prevents inbreeding.