Milk: Raw Cow

Type: Semi-Hard Alpine Style

Producer: Käserei Tufertschwil

Region: Lutisberg, Switzerland

Pairings: Port, Vin Jaune, Orange Wine, Pinot Noir, Nutty Brown Ales, Dubbels, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Caramelized Onions

The cheesemaker, Walter Ross, has spent most of his years making Appenzeller. Some years ago, he decided to create a variation, Challerhocker, with the use of unskimmed milk, and his own handmade rennet. He then washes the wheels with his own concoction of wine, herbs, and spices. Challerhocker’s rough translation is "sitting in the cellar", referencing the use of wooden boards in the aging room. You get a fudgy, dense texture with aromas of brown butter, cashews, fresh bread dough and caramel.