From Piedmont, Italy, Acquerello is estate grown, aged, whitened and packaged at Tenuta Colombara of the Rondolino Family. Produced and processed with very unique methods, Acquerello is prized by chefs worldwide for its culinary characteristics.

  • 100 % Carnaroli Rice
  • Estate grown, harvested, whitened and packaged ensuring quality control at every step
  • Aged for one year in steel silos at constant, controlled temperatures which will optimize its characteristics during cooking
  • Grains are polished using the Helix, exclusive to the Rondolino family, which ensures the lightest shelling and prevents broken grains
  • The rice is re-coated with its own germ using a unique patented process, restoring the rice with its nutrients
  • In cooking, Acquerello will absorb the cooking liquids and flavors while each kernel remains separate enhancing any rice dish or risotto