Regalis TX offers a complete portfolio of food distribution services with a broad and diverse inventory of product categories in order to cater to the wide-ranging and ever-changing culinary needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products with unfettered accessibility and service. Our inventory focus and business dealings are evenly split between industry standards and proactive innovation. That is, we bring our clients everything that they would expect from a specialty food distributor and go beyond the status-quo by constantly looking to introduce new products to an unaware market. We bring this to our clients with the utmost convenience and approachability. 

We care deeply about how our sources produce their products in their respective environment. Sustainability is an imperative element of our philosophy, from sourcing to service. 

At Regalis TX, it is important for us to establish a personal rapport with everyone we work with in order to foster a relationship of optimal benefit where we have a clear insight to our clients' needs as they relate to pricing, preference, and consumer demand. All of our food reps have experience in both the food and hospitality industry. We will always strive to set ourselves apart with a product and relations philosophy focused on offering quality foods with first class service. We expect our clients to hold us to the premium standard that we hold ourselves and furnish a guarantee with all of the products that we carry, and all of the services that we provide.